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Target Market:State & Local, Federal
Bid Type:Contract Histories
Posted:Mar 01, 2021

11 Opportunities Found  
1.  MGCCC-1. Solid Waste Disposal Services RPF # 21-03-056
    State Mississippi
    Agency State Government of Mississippi
    Posted on Mar 01, 2021
    Due by Apr 06, 2021
2.  Notice of Intent to Award Corrosion Control Consultant
    State Michigan
    Agency State of Michigan
    Posted on Mar 01, 2021
    Due by Mar 08, 2021
3.  Automated Curbside Waste & Recycling Collection Services
    State New Hampshire
    Agency City of Laconia
    Posted on Mar 01, 2021
    Due by Mar 04, 2021
4.  Cattail Cove State Park-Construction of Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems
    State Arizona
    Agency State Government of Arizona
    Posted on Mar 01, 2021
    Due by Mar 10, 2021
5.  Large Scale Solar Energy Systems Land Use Study
    Agency American Planning Association
    Posted on Mar 01, 2021
    Due by Mar 19, 2021
6.  Request for Abbreviated Proposals (RFAP) for Consultant Services for Hazardous Materials, AE21SLHM, Environmental Consultant Services for Hazardous Materials - Source List, Various...
    Agency Government of Canada
    Posted on Mar 01, 2021
    Due by Apr 07, 2021
7.  Request for Qualifications - City of Chandler On-Call Consultant Pre-Qualified List for Environmental Engineering and Related Services
    State Arizona
    Agency State Government of Arizona
    Posted on Mar 01, 2021
    Due by Mar 24, 2021
8.  Disposal of Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Waste District-Wide Senior Buyer: Corpus Zorola, CTSBS, CTPM
    State Texas
    Agency Brownsville Independent School District
    Posted on Mar 01, 2021
    Due by Mar 23, 2021
9.  Request for Proposal / Sediment Removal at Neilson Water Treatment Plant Bid No. RFP2193 The Winston-Salem/Forsyth C ounty Uti l i t y Com m is s ion (WSFCU) pro p oses the r e mov...
    State North Carolina
    Agency Forsyth County
    Posted on Mar 01, 2021
    Due by Mar 17, 2021
10.  Invitation for Bid - City of Chandler Arrowhead Water Production Facility Rehabilitation & Pecos Surface Water Treatment Plant Surge System ; WA1903.401 & WA1908.401
    State Arizona
    Agency State Government of Arizona
    Posted on Mar 01, 2021
    Due by Mar 09, 2021
11.  New York State Office of Mental Health, Mohawk Valley Psychiatric Center, Building 11 Roof Replacement and Hazardous Materials Abatement
    State New York
    Agency State Government of New York
    Posted on Mar 01, 2021
    Due by Mar 11, 2021

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